Full House Casino: Brand new social mobile game! Recreate your casino experience!

Full House Casino by ME2ON aims at recreating casino gaming experience for players! With a huge variety of games offered and its special features, the highly-demanded game manages to differentiate itself and win gamers’ hearts.


1. Social! Full House Casino is a PARTY for friends (and strangers and unknown poker masters.)

Full House Casino is a social mobile game, literally bringing players around the world to the digital gaming table. Instead of gaming with robots, gamers got to interact and play with or against each other. In case you are wondering, apart from the table games, the slots in Full House Casino also embrace the social feature! Players will be able to join the mini games in slots together. You want to play with your own friends? No problem! You can connect with your Facebook account to invite your friends to join the online gaming party!

2. Rank! See how good you are at the games. (& win BONUSES!)

The rank system shows the best players (with the biggest win) in each game. The best part is bonuses will be given to those leading players. (As if they didn’t win enough already!) Anyway, it is always nice to give it a shot and see whether you can earn a place in the chart!

3. HUGE variety of games! There’s always more!

Full House Casino offers 5 classic table games and 9+ slot games, guaranteeing that you will always find something of interest to you. Want the authentic Vegas experience? Just try Vegas slot and Baccarat! Missing Macau? Come play Sic Bo! There are frequent slot machine updates as well, each having its own theme and unique features.

4. FREQUENT promotions, events and giveaways!

Events and giveaways are held from time to time, surprising players with big wins and free chips. It seems like the developers would like to make sure players will never run out of chips. Check out Full House Casino’s Facebook to see more of their awesome deals and promotions: https://www.facebook.com/FullHouseCasinoFanspage

You can download the game from here:

Android: https://goo.gl/XzNQ8M

IOS: http://goo.gl/y0YN2r

For more information, feel free to browse the official website: http://www.fhcasino.com/

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