This article is written by Bitcointalk user — iLatios

In order to advertise a product online, businesses pay a lot of money to advertising campaigns. Such attempts often result in letters in spam box or annoying banners on the websites. Also people are tired from advertising video that interrupt them while watching interesting movies. Someone uses this time and does what he needs, but almost nobody pays serious attention to such ad.

We can say that offline advertisement is as unpopular and useless as online. Leaflets, bright banners, colourful picture in magazines — all of them waste clients’ time and customers’ money. We are dissatisfied of sacrificing time, while businessmen are losing money.

It’s high time to change situation. BitClave is ready to do this.

We can find the ways of counteracting such problems in BitClave white paper.

In order to solve this problem, BitClave present a system with no intermediaries. Interactions are facilitated by network itself. Instead of paying middleman, companies automatically make personalized offers directly to customers based on search for goods and services using BitClave’s decentralized search application.

We need changes! The price must be moderate. The more they businesses pay for ad, the higher price is. So it can vary from time to time because of advertising cost.

BitClave proposes win-win situation both for businesses and customers. All will economize and save money!

BitClave present BASE — BitClave Active Search Ecosystem — ensures innovations will continue working in the advertising market as technology continues to evolve.


Let’s talk about tokens. Consumer Activity Tokens or CATs are based on Ethereum technology, so they are block-chain based. BASE — BitClave Active Search Ecosystem — relies on blockchain. It is open and decentralized, so BASE gives opportunity to create software that interacts with customers and businesses data publish to the blockchain. Instead of giving such information to middlemen, both customers and businesses can control data.

We are going to take into account the structure of BASE (BitClave Active Search Ecosystem) activity (the information is taken from BitClave Whitepaper):

1) Request: software is customer-facing and it can publish a shopping preference, item of interest, or personal preference.

2) Offer: retailer-facing software can publish a short offer for discounted items or services.

3) View: both customer and retailer-facing software interact. Customer facing side publishes a unique confirmation (Proof-of-View) that customer viewed the offer and the business side verifies that the confirmation corresponds to the correct OFFER. A confirmed VIEW event will trigger CAT reward from retailer to customer for viewing the OFFER.

4) Buy: customer software can do an activity to indicate the user has executed a purchase from a particular retailer.

5) Sell: a retailer’s point-of-sale software can publish an activity to indicate a sale has been made with details about BUY activity.

This is illustration of information flowing between potential customer and a car dealership through the activity ledger.

Consumer Activity Tokens or CATs that are introduced by BitClave to be used within the BASE (BitClave Active Search Ecosystem) among the participants.


ICO begins in September, 15th at 8 am PST and will last for 60 day or until the hard cap is met. On the website the token price is 0.07$ is mentioned. Also discounts are available:

· 1st hour — discount of 15%

· 1st day — discount of 10%

· 2–7 days — discount of 7%

· 8–30 days — discount of 5%

· 31–45 days — discount of 2%

The ERC-20 tokens will be distributed no later than 4 weeks after the end of Phase 1. Phase 1 Hard Cap is $25m.

Hope that BitClave will be fundraised money successfully. We are looking forward to hearing about its popularity. Take part in ICO and make a profit!

To find out more information, visit, read Whitepaper and invest money!