According to the opportunity to create regulatory platform for finding jobs and getting projects done, there is created DAJ (Distributed Autonomous Job Market), the Blocklancer is called so. It is based on the Ethereum platform and will change the way freelancing works, not only for freelancers, but also customers .

Sometimes searching a new job is timing and difficult process, but blockchain technology may ma it easier. Unemployed people or those who are looking for another one can find job on job market platform or start as freelancer. The main principle is simplicity.

Employers can create a new job offer at job market platform and wait for employees and freelancer to take the offer. Tradeers and customers may contact each other directly. So getting a job has become easier. Thankfully to blockchain, the job offers can’t be deleted.

The Lancer Token

100% of the fees earned from job market platform will be divided among the token holders.

Bounty campaign

You may sign up and take part in Blocklancer bounty campaign for their ICO. A number of people will be encouraged. 2% of all issued LNC (100000$) will be given to the bounty campaign participants. All people who believe in the success of Blocklancer are welcome to join this bounty campaign.

You can find the rules here