• A new warning system has been created.
  • The case command has been created.
  • The unwarn command has been created.
  • VIEW_HISTORY permission has been implemented.
  • The activity command has been created.


  • The guildWarnAdd and guildWarnRemove event has been replaced by sanctionCreate, sanctionUpdate, and sanctionDelete (logging module).
  • The history command has been completely updated.


  • Fixed multiple bugs of the warn command.
  • Fixed multiple bugs of the history command.
  • Fixed multiple bugs in the warning system.
  • Fixed a bug in the Anti-External-Links module that gave a wrong sanction.
  • Fixed a bug in the config command.
  • Fixed a bug in the Auto-Moderation module.


  • The clearwarns command (aka: purgewarns) has been temporarily disabled due to changes to the warning system.