Utilizing the power of IBM’s Watson to create accurate sports betting outcomes.

Watson is an analytical computing system that specializes in interpreting natural human language. Watson represents a tremendous breakthrough in computers’ understanding of natural language, or “real language”, not designed or decoded for computers.

IBM’s Watson is at the forefront in a new era of computing called: cognitive computing. A radically new kind computing, very different from the programmable systems that preceded it. Conventional computing solutions, based on mathematical principles that emanate from the 1940s, are programmed based on rules and logic intended to derive mathematically precise answers, often following a rigid decision tree approach. However, with today’s wealth of big data and the need for more complex, evidence based decisions, such a rigid approach often fails to keep up with available information. Alternatively, Watson and its cognitive capabilities mirror some of the key cognitive elements of human expertise.

Humans go through 4 keys steps when seeking to understand a problem and make a decision:

  1. We observe visible phenomena and bodies of evidence
  2. We draw on what we know to interpret what we’re seeing to generate hypothesis about what it means.
  3. We evaluate which hypotheses are right or wrong.
  4. We decide; choosing the option that seems best and acting accordingly.

Just as humans become experts by going through the process of observation, evaluation, and decision making, cognitive systems like Watson use similar processes to reason about the information it reads. Watson does this at massive speed and scale utilizing its 10 racks of IBM POWER 750 servers running Linux, 15 terabytes of RAM, and 2,880 processor cores.

Unlike conventional approaches to computing, which can only handle neatly-organized, structured data, Watson can handle unstructured data (which is 80% of data today). Watson can interpret information that is primarily produced by humans for other humans to consume. This includes everything from literature, articles, research reports, even blogs, posts, and tweets. Watson relies on natural language which is governed by rules of grammar, context, and culture to arrive at its conclusions.

On account of this adaptable capability, Watson will be able scrape through social media, sports websites, sports television networks, non-stop, until it arrives at the real world outcome. Any bet, score or fight will be immediately imported onto the iMPERIUM platform as soon as it is confirmed by Watson and our other verification processes.

iMPERIUM sports betting platform is not entirely relient on Watson’s analysis of the internet, but it sure helps.

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