7 Common Mistakes New Freelancers Make And How To Avoid Them

The most stressful thing in freelancing is to determine whether your client will actually pay you for the work or not. New freelancers find it difficult to maintain a good reputation among the established ones who are taking their jobs professionally and continue to widen their network to modify their income resources. Most of them are optimistic in nature, but optimism doesn’t help if you live in a world of variable income and inequalities.

If you have been considering becoming a freelancer from a full –time web design professional, then here are some common mistakes you need to avoid to help you get paid on time: 
1. Research your prospective clients first

No need to go into deep, check out your perspective client details before saying yes for their work, don’t hesitate to ask few questions such as:
• Their online presence
• Customer reviews
• Their associates and partners
• Their readiness to answer your questions
• The query about your work (especially as they relate to price)
You can also ask for the references from your previous client or freelancer.

2. Don’t work for free

If you are just starting out as a freelancer, make your own portfolio. Clients will judge your work by reviewing your public portfolio and then decide whether to take your services or not.
If you have enough experience in programming, don’t work for free. Make sure you work for those who will pay you on time and not for those who left you in an uncomfortable position.For more read this article -