Build an Impressive Portfolio as a Developer

Being a web developer we always eager to get work. But it feels awkward when it comes to selling your work which makes creating a professional portfolio a bit difficult is hard to understand where to begin, what to focus on and how to present your work. You may take inspirations by looking at various single page portfolio websites. Considering your past web design projects, you can create a personal brand for yourself and put all in your tech portfolio.

You could even create your own using a motherboard, site map, a smooth scroll, user persona and a jQuery image slider. But it will not guarantee you to make your single project multiple into 10. Having a strategic plan can make all the difference.

A professional portfolio isn’t just a collection of your past projects. Instead, it’s an opportunity for you to showcase:

  • Your identity
  • What sort of work you do
  • How you do that function
  • Where you need to go next
  • What’s more, who YOU truly need to work with.Continue Reading…….