Top Principles of Effective Web Design

It’s not only the visual design which determine the success or failure of any project but its usability and utility that are more important to seek visitor’s attention. All around the world designers are trying their best to make the web design user-centric which has become the standard approach for a successful and profit oriented website.

Here we have presented some of the principles that makes an effective, engaging, easy to use and pleasant web design?

Before we start the effective web development approach-

First, you should consider the visitors behavior or habit on the web. If your site contains a quality content and attractive graphical images you would likely gain a lot of traffic over years.

Second, Analyze each web page as user don’t read they scan the whole text while searching some fixed anchors.

Third, user are impatient if your designers is not able to meet their expectation the company loses its money as well as the potential customers.

Fourth, users follow their intuition, they don’t care what information designer has provided, and if they find something interesting they stick to it.

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