Don’t take my ice-cream!

G: What were you thinking when you were snapping the image?

A: Thought of snapping the love of kid for the ice-cream

D: And, this is what you take. Her sacredness!

A: Look into her eyes



There, did you see how she was saying us to get lost and the ice-cream belongs to her

Y: So? That doesn’t explain what you wanted to snap.

A: Yes. But, this is a lesson I’ve learnt. I’ll remember it for the next time.

D: Now do you want us to enjoy it or admonish you?

A: Both. It’s a good thing for me if you look deep into her eyes. If you can critic the image that’s something for me to learn for the next time!

EXIF Details:

ShutterSpeed 1/100 || Aperture F5.6 || ISO 400 || Lens Canon EF-S 18–55 ||Focal Length 45mm

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