Will it be sold?

Do I have the edge over them??

I prefer images in which people are involved their daily acts and don’t realise the presence of camera. I also the images which will leave the users with a sense of doubt. Now what’s he thinking? Here’s my perception. Read it and let me know if he made a sale?

A lot of people at my stall today. Some way or the other I’ve got bank the sale. They all look innocent, may be I’ll increase the price by 10%. What if they leave the stall? I’ll hike it up by 5% and some icing in my words. If they ask for lower prices even after that? I’ll then say that mine is the only stall where they can get this at such a low price.
Hey, the lady seems interested in one of the items. I need to bank it. That was faster than I expected, she moved away to something else! Had she loomed over those, I’d have tried to sell both of them. At least she is still here, I hope she buys at least one.
Oh my god! That was close. Sold one. Just recovered!

Leave a response about the image and the writing and what I can do better

EXIF Details

Shutter Speed 1/160 || Aperture F8 || ISO 1600 || WB Daylight || Camera Canon EOS 600D

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