How to use Laravel multiple guards

Mokhlas Hussein
May 26, 2019 · 2 min read
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figure: 1.0 ( laravel 5 cover )

The story begins 2 years ago when i started using the Amazing Laravel Framework, and discovered the multiple guards system which made me really feel Wow now ( Users authentications are separated from the Admin authentications ). but there were one problem about it, that i need to create the hole guard requires myself ( views, middlewares, controllers, models and many other stuffs ) and after a while i decided to create my own Laravel app template which i clone each time which has ( Admin and User guards ) works together as expected and reduce the development time, But one day i received a project which needs other guard ( Teacher, Parent and Student ) now we don’t need Users anymore here, so now my own Laravel app template became a little useless because i will create the guards requires myself again from scratch, at this time i felt really bad about creating everything from scratch, but i came with an idea which changed the way i develop Laravel apps forever MultiAuthCommand when i started to develop this command i felt bad because it was a challenge to me which i really loved to work on it, after almost 1 and half now this command serve me a lot, it save me a lot of times as it’s flexible because recently i added a theme option to it which has prebuilt views for different Admin panels from the internet, and the use of this command is really simple.

  • How to install
composer require imokhles/multi-auth-command
  • Add this provider to your config/app.php ( no need for Laravel 5.5 and above )


  • list all supported themes
php artisan make:multi_auth:list_themes
  • how to create Admin guard + select one of supported themes
php artisan make:multi_auth Admin --admin_theme="startui"
  • copy theme files to
  • if needed change theme folder name under public ( inside config/[guard]_config.php )

THAT’s ALL check the github page to understand more about this package.

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