Allah’s Calling

Iman is something all Muslims have. From reciting and believing in the 1st Kalimah and maybe doing extraordinary things in your worship or showing immense patience in a very oppressing time. This how you can assess your Iman and evaluate yourself.

Iman can rise making you feel unstoppable or iman can weaken and you feel low. I am more the latter type in this moment in time and have been looking for an opportunity to get back on track.

My big brother sends me message and asking if I would like to join him on a trekking trip to Wales — Mount Snowdon for a charitable cause. This is the point when my Iman’s light bulb brightened up. I said yes and there I was all set to trek up a familiar mountain which I visited back in 2013.

Off we went, met up at the Charities head office and my journey began. After an hour or so I felt something in my heart. It was a great feeling and felt very peaceful and alive. I then remembered the Prophet(ﷺ) said:

No people sit in a gathering remembering Allah, But the angels surround them, mercy covers them, tranquillity descends upon them and Allah remembers them before those who are with Him.”
( Sunan Ibn Majah 3791)

Indeed I felt like Angels wings were spread. After this moment, a sister who was with us then shared some inspirational poetry from the coach’s microphone. Half way through, her words triggered my own poetry thought and I begun my own poetry/spoken words writing.

“Allah is calling

Long may we go

Iman is rising

long may we flow

Our hearts darkness

Keeps us low

We must rise up

For our deeds to show

long may we continue

this continuous strife

Block the fitna

Continue the fight”

Its important to recognise opportunities Allah swt presents and staying steadfast. I felt this trekking activity was the spark I needed and certainly went very well.

We reached the mountains peak just before sunrise and I got to see sunrise for the first time in my life….how cool is that!