Observers of the Universe

Short Story 1

We are the observers if the universe. We only seek to understand and record the events of all events throughout space and time. Nothing more. Some say we are the 'Master Race' yet we do not wish for any servers. Our lives are devoted to understand all other lives. Everything else is secondary. This is the declamation on the destruction of the human race.

The fear of others, on a unknown little planet located in space sector A113 held creatures of such potential. Potential, that if they overcame their problems with one another they could have been seen as gods in a matter of centuries. However, this was not meant to be.

The giants on this world built weapons. Weapons that could destroy their planet in tenfold than a Cetarean spacecraft can cross its nebula. The weapons of mass annihilation were kept hidden and used to be threatening if another superpower angered them. They had wars with each other because of variations in their appearances or what they believed in. People in societies were shunned because of genetic and cultural differences. they failed to realise they were of the same species. World leaders were secretive - hiding the arrivals of species that crash landed to be experimented on. The human race constantly built weapons to be faster, more intimidating, more destructive. Eco system and eco system were destroyed because of their arrogance to believe nothing could provide for them better than crude oil. They were of their own demise.

However, out of all this. All the hate, deception and intolerance of everything surrounding them, the human race always had glimmers of hope. The genius of some could have saved the world but no-one listened. The majority of people were afraid of change - afraid that the solution may jeopardise their daily routine. They lived as creatures of habit. This wanting to keep things the same and not choose to evolve to their problems would have been their doom, if their deaths weren’t already in preparation.

The time for Human genius was no longer an option for restoration and peace when chaos began. As arguments tensioned the bonds or even the tolerance between each nation snapped. As the first nuclear missile shattered the air nothing was left to do but to endure what the humans called 'hell’. As the sky was carved by the tools to bring the end, panic as you would expect didn’t happen... It’s humorous yet admirable how in that moment of impending global disaster the love for each other rose. With eyes of pain they hugged their loved ones goodbye and together they faced what they as a race had caused.

Millions died on direct impact and billions more from the radiation. Mass execution on the humans by the humans is what it took for them to understand their wrong ways.

Some survived. In a situation where there was no point of living . A nuclear winter. A place where all the soils and water in the world had been poisoned. Not even the simplest of crop could have lived. They eventually died as well.

The end of humanity. the race that survived super volcanoes and countless ice ages came to their extinction because of a few people who were just as ordinary as everyone else. Lastly, the humans that made humanity so special never found out why the world had to come to an end.

This was our report of the end of humanity.

— Mustark Shahreya

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