When Your Calling Seems Vague and Unclear, You’re on the Right Track
Jeff Goins

It’s funny that I stumble upon this article exactly now. I’ve always been the type of person who tried to define a clear cut solution to the equation of my life. If it didn’t workout, I would immediately re-evaluate the equation and come up with a new solution to strive for.

I never really accepted not having an answer to ‘how do you want to spend your life’. That is, until recently. I realized that I wasn’t happy. That all these dreams and ideas I had, and immediately began planning my entire life around, only lead to a sense of failure because I never really came further than the idea.

A few weeks ago I finally made my first commitment towards moving forward. Rather than having this clear cut solution, I came to terms with the fact that perhaps I should try following these ideas and gut feelings and commit to trying them rather than letting them stay behind the enclosures of my insecurities. Where that’ll take me is going to be hard to say and whether it will lead to finding my dream is impossible to say but at least I’m moving again.

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