The arrival.

There she stood, anxious, waiting for train nine. They had met here every year since their weekend in the cabin. She saw the lights from the tunnel as the train rolled into the station. Her hair moved as the wind traveled around her neck and down her back. She shivered. It was a rather cold day for this time of year, but she hadn’t cared. It had to be perfect.

An automated voice spoke above her but she ignored it. Her eyes staring at the doors of the train as they opened and a herd of bulls stormed out. Her eyes flickered between the doors with precision, checking for any signs of familiarity.

A loud noise appeared from the train doors as the light started blinking above them. Any moment now, any moment he would come sprinting out. He was probably caught up in a book and had missed the doors opening. Without a doubt the noise had alarmed him and he’d be running out. Any second now.

The doors closed. As the train began to move she felt the panic fill her up. He had never been late. She had never been late. They weren’t allowed to be late! Being late meant that it was over! Their fantasy had disappeared. Dissolved like soap in water, leaving only the small bubbles of memories. Her mind was racing. She reached into her purse and took out a phone, no not that phone, the other phone. No messages, no calls. Surely he would have written if something had happened, or if he’d gotten delayed.

Should she try turning the phone off and on again? Maybe something was wrong, maybe it wasn’t working. But what if she did and he tried to call? What if the signal down here wasn’t working? But she couldn’t leave, if he came with the next train and saw that she wasn’t there? Her heart was pumping like never before. She couldn’t take it. She navigated to the only contact in the phone and touched the small phone. Voicemail. She tried again. Voicemail.
Should she leave a message? It would be against their agreement but what if he had forgotten, or if he had gotten hurt?

She started walking back and forth, her steps heavy causing the tiles to scream out as her heels hit them. She shivered again. Wiping the hair from her face. She tried calling again only to hear the cutting voicemail once more. An automated voice once again began above her. She didn’t care.

The realisation hit her stomach like a cannonball, punching her breathless for a second. It was over. It seemed like an impossible thought. Nothing had in their small chats during the year had hinted the apocalypse. She put the phone in her bag and felt the searing pain of the ring touching her fingers as it traded places with the phone.

She let go of it and closed the bag. The next train had come and gone, and still no sign of him. The emotions took hold of her as a tear rolled down her cheek. She wiped it away gently only to have a few more follow. She had to accept it. He hadn’t shown. She began to turn around as she felt a gust of wind take hold of her dress. She spun around and once again let her eyes hone in on the doors, watching them like a hawk. He had to be with this one. The doors opened and another herd of animals stormed out the train. But there was no lion, no king of the jungle. He hadn’t followed the herd. He wasn’t there.

She turned around, tears now streaming down her face. Maybe it was for the best. What a horrible being had she turned into. She had to return to reality. Make it work. No more fantasies. She felt a vibration in her purse and stopped as if a wall had appeared in front of her. She opened the bag and picked up the phone but nothing showed. She was sure she had felt something. She checked through the messages, but it still displayed the last one.

“Can’t wait to see you. Miss you more than can I can possibly describe in words. The feel of your skin against mine. See you soon.”

She stared at the message. No more fantasies. It wasn’t fair to them. As she put the phone down again it was as if the ring was trying to sneak back into her hand and on to her finger. She turned it a few times. She couldn’t handle the ring without the fantasies. It was her escape. But perhaps that was wrong. Would she need to leave? Could she handle leaving? She’d be all alone without anything. She couldn’t handle being alone. But it was so unfair to them. They hadn’t chosen this. It wasn’t their fault.

She would spare them from all this and leave, there was no other choice. She would be alone yes, but that was better than continuing as this wretched monster she had turned into. A monster with no regard for other people.

She started walking towards the stairs. Determined. She had been pushed onto her knees, forced to look at a mirroring lake, staring into the eyes of the creature she had turned into. This would all be for the best. As she walked towards the stairs she heard train doors close and a voice behind her. It wasn’t the automated voice. It was someone yelling, someone who… It was him! Before she could manage to wipe the tears a pair of hands grabbed her shoulders and turned her for a kiss.

“I thought you weren’t coming”

She stuttered her voice on the verge of cracking. As she stared into his ocean deep eyes she felt all her worry, all her concerns wash away with the waves. The reflection she saw was not the wretched monster she had seen in the lake but a beautiful woman who was adored, loved and wanted. She kissed him as the world around them washed away. Everything was okay now.

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