ASUU Strike: This time I need to do it right

Let me be frank ‘I don’t like school’ never did and never will. That’s off my chest. Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) Nigeria, this should be a set of respectable individuals. Not trying to be disrespectful of my country but in Nigeria not feels respectable and the least is ASUU, seeing just the name in any News sends some sort shivery to the students. Will you believe these people once went on strike because of their personal allowances. Now you know why this country’s educational system is the way it is.

I was once privileged to be at a hearing where the VC of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) was defending the fact that his Law student needs to be treated fairly and equally, one of his points was that all student have different way of learning. I wouldn’t want to go in too much on this so my point is if we have different ways of learning and understanding then in this case let’s all use our differences, I know I wasn’t doing well in the class room and I thought it was my fault.

I intend to set up a school where girls and kids who can’t afford school fees will learn coding for free in the way they chose to understand it, do you have any idea how I can achieve this, do you feel you have anything you can help to make this dream become a reality or even do you wish to learn coding yourself, please join me at All Hands because This Time We Need To Do It Right.