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The 12 year old girl says “Hillary put me through Hell!” And you forgot to mention the fact that the man raped this little girl to the point of which she can’t have children, and was in a coma for six days after the event. The defense that Hillary made was that Shelton was just “unnaturally attracted to older men” And you can say that in the tape, Hillary was laughing about the polygraph test. This would be disgusting as well, considering the fact that she, having known he lied, defended him vigorously either way, however she did not only laugh about the polygraph, she also laughed when talking about her bloody underwear, this is disgusting. And rather than taking this disgusting, politically biased article’s word for it, I would take Kathy Shelton’s word for it “She put me through Hell, no 12 year old girl should have to go through what she put me through.” And I would take her word for it, because as your candidate said “every rape victim deserves to be heard.” 
 I question your judgment Adam Peck, as a human being with natural human senses, considering I believe it to be contradictory to human nature that you so vigorously defend a lying politician over a 12 year old rape victim, and in Donald Trump’s words, you should be ashamed of yourself. You are a sheep to the political Borg, to the elitist totalitarian globalist international order, and your defense of Hillary is a knee to the eye sockets of the American working citizens who love The LORD, and HATE political correctness.

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