Finding San Francisco too expensive? You aren’t alone.

Being in San Francisco for WWDC is getting expensive. *Really* expensive. For many people airfare + hotel in 2016 will cost twice as much as it did in 2014: upwards of $2,000 USD. That’s more than the price of getting into the event itself (assuming you’re lucky enough to win a ticket)! Already tons of our friends have said they have to skip this year and might not be back.

But it’s OK: the iOS and Mac community isn’t limited to San Francisco once a year.

A group of fall conferences have come together to help those who have been priced out of WWDC. For the next 24 hours the following iOS / Mac community conferences are offering a 10% discount on the price of admission:

Use the coupon code “COMMUNITY” before April 20th at 9am Pacific Time time to receive the discount.

These conferences are great alternatives to WWDC, offering a wider variety of talks presented by some of the smartest people outside of Apple. With a much less overwhelming attendee count you’ll leave feeling more connected to the community than from crowded WWDC afterparties. We hope to see you there!

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