Nirvanic Insights II: God is the Ultimate Seer

God cannot be seen. God is the seer of all things. He is there prior to every object that appears. Who or what could stand apart from god to objectively see her? Can there be a subject apart from the ultimate subjective presence of god? Whatever you do or think of cannot exist independent of your subjective experience of that seeing. If this is so, then what is your seeing made of? Do you stand apart from god’s ultimate subjectivity and sight, and furthermore can you indeed find this ultimate perceiver within yourself at this very moment?

These are the questions that have given birth to the greatest realizations and teachings of the worlds mystics and Buddhas. These are meditative and contemplative pathways that have the power to lead you back to your home, which is that indescribable ultimate placeless place of seeing.

This powerful teaching proclaims that, an absolute subjective perspective is the presence of god itself. Since we are all beings with an inevitable subjectivity, the question arises for the seeker, the question of how far back into ourselves one can trace back this subjectivity. Where does our simple human biological and psychological subjectivity have its limit and where doth the presence of god begin? Can we in fact find god immaculate vision within ourselves at this very moment or are we only playing meaningless games in our own minds as usual. Can we find gods awareness within since we are in fact beings that are aware and according to this teaching awareness in its essential form is god itself. This is a powerful question to contemplate; perhaps it is this very question that can bring you closer to the gates of the supreme than any other.

Since we are sentient beings, and supreme sentience is the mark of god, can we find the traces of this supreme sentience within ourselves?

Gods eye can’t be seen, and when you truly dive deep into your own reality, you will inevitably come to the place where you know that you in your purest essence cannot be seen. This begs the question, are you in your purest form identical with the eye of god?

Seeing isn’t limited to the senses or even the minds eye, but ones entire sentient existence can be seen as an eye looking out into the world that it finds itself in.

Contemplate, meditate and discover for yourself!

Quotations and excerpts

“I cannot show you God or enable you to see God because God is not an object that can be seen. God is the subject. He is the seer. Don’t concern yourself with objects that can be seen. Find out who the seer is. You alone are God.”
Ramana Maharshi (Papajis Account of their Meeting)
”The eye with which I see God is the same with which God sees me. My eye and God’s eye is one eye, and one sight, and one knowledge, and one love.”
Meister Eckhart (Sermon IV: True Hearing)
You are the Solitary Witness of All That Is, forever free. Your only bondage is not seeing This.
Ashtavakra Gita
“The one you are looking for is the one who is looking”
St Francis of Assisi
” Know then, that both this visible world and that Which unseen is, alike are God Himself, Naught is, save God: and all that is, is God. And yet, alas! by how few is He seen, Blind are men’s eyes, though all resplendent shines The world by Deity’s own light illumined.”

Originally published at on February 24, 2017.