Apple iPhone 8 Confirmed Features: What Are You Going To Get?

Apple is all set for their biggest release which is Apple’s Flagship the iPhone 8. This new iPhone isn’t going to be like the rest. Why is that? Because this device happens to come out on Apple’s 10thanniversary. Therefore, Apple has big plans for the iPhone 8. As the iPhone 8 release date is nearing, there have been several rumors for regarding the iPhone 8 confirmed features. Therefore, I have gathered the top 10 features that are confirmed for the new iPhone 8.

Apple is going big this time as the new iPhone 8 is going to be a total game changer. It is said to rival the market of Samsung as Apple is about to introduce some jaw dropping features its fans have been waiting for so long.

The Most Rumored iPhone 8 Confirmed Features Are Here!

A lot can be said as how the Apple iPhone 8 will look, what features it will have, what will be its specs as there are so many rumors surrounding the iPhone 8. There have been numerous speculations too about the design of iPhone 8, as Apple usually sticks to its fundamental iPhone design, but this iPhone is said to have an all new design with stunning features.

1. Design and Display

An entirely new design is certainly the most promising among all iPhone 8 confirmed features. Unlike the previous models, Apple will introduce a complete bezel-less design with no physical button present on the screen. Apple will have the OLED 5.8-inch display with 5.15 inches of usable area, and the rest will be dedicated to virtual buttons as there will be no on-screen buttons on the phone. The OLED display is the primary reason why the iPhone 8 will be the most expensive iPhone ever as OLED screen are much expensive and difficult to adjust than normal LCD screens.

2. Touch ID Sensor

This feature has attracted more attention than the iPhone itself. Till today, we are not sure whether has Apple finalized this feature or not, but the presence of Touch ID sensor is certainly listed among the top iPhone 8 confirmed features! The first news that broke about this option said that Apple’s new OLED display will itself be a Touch ID sensor. You can unlock your phone just by tapping anywhere on the screen. But that experiment failed, as to embed the Touch ID sensor in the display screen is difficult to pull off. It needs more time, whereas, Apple is in a hurry to launch the new iPhone without any delay.

Later, another news broke that Apple will be re-positioning the Touch ID sensor in the back, like Samsung did, but that’ll make Apple a complete ‘copy cat’. Therefore, Apple finally responded by placing the Touch ID sensor in the side power button (which seems to be elongated in the new iPhone 8 leaked design). Hence, till date, I can assure that Apple will not eliminate the Touch ID sensor, rather it’ll just be re-positioned and embedded in the side power button.

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3. Iris and Facial Recognition

The other iPhone 8 confirmed features that have created much hype is now here! It will be the very first time that Apple will introduce these two features in its iPhone. The Iris and Facial recognition works with the help of sensors present on the front screen along with the secondary camera. You’ll just have to lift up your phone, like when you do while taking a selfie, and there you go — your phone is unlocked. This feature will be an added security feature, and is said to aid verification tasks such as online payments.

4. Glass Casing

Apple’s iPhone 8 design will be inspired from the iPhone 4 which has a glass back. Apple will definitely have major changes in its design by bringing in more glass. The glass casing may also support wireless charging.

5. Wireless Charging

This feature has long been under discussion. It seems that Apple may delay on this feature, but is sure to be added on later releases of iPhone 8 this year. Samsung has already introduced this feature, so it’s about time that Apple brings in wireless charging. The wireless charging equipment (pad and charger) will be sold separately.

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6. Laser Auto-focus Camera

Apple is introducing a rear 3D laser camera. The 3D laser system will aid the dual-camera placed vertically in taking better photos using a feature called ‘depth sensing’. The system’s primary function is to calculate the speed of light by measuring the amount of time it normally takes for light from the laser to bounce back from the focused object. Owing to the vast number of leaks, the 3D laser camera deserves to be mentioned alongside the other iPhone 8 confirmed features.

7. Reflective Mirror Variant

Apple has announced that the iPhone 8 will be launched in 4 exciting colors and a unique reflective mirror variant. The iPhone has a glass back. Therefore, a mirror variant is much likely to feature. Now you can look at the mirror just by flipping the phone before taking a selfie.

8. No Headphone Jack nor USB C — Lightning Port Confirmed

Apple will not add the headphone jack as they disappeared in the iPhone 7. Users will have to go with Apple’s air pods in order to listen to music and Apple will not be introducing the USB C despite being a widespread adoption in MacBook. Apple will keep it’s lightning port.

9. Waterproof Instead of Water-resistance

All the previous versions of the iPhone were water-resistant and not water proof. It means that your iPhone may stop functioning if dropped in deep water for a long time. But the new iPhone 8 carries an IP68 rating for dust resistance and waterproofing. Samsung has already launched a completely dust and water resistant phone. Therefore, Apple needs to step up its game. For today, waterproof ability remains listed among the iPhone 8 confirmed features!

10. 10nm Processor

The device will be packing 10-nanometer based A11 processor, which gives much more power and is also performance-efficient in comparison to the previous iPhone 7’s A10 processor. The new A11 processor will reportedly be made by the famous chip maker TSMC, which has made many processors for Apple in the past.

The Price of iPhone 8

With such great features, we can expect a hefty price of the iPhone 8. Having said that, iPhone 8 will be the most expensive iPhone ever with a price tag of around $1200. The price can’t be confirmed until the new iPhone’s release date is announced.

Apple iPhone 8 Release Date

The release date of iPhone has been a heated debate for quite some time because it is in the air that Apple will delay its launch of the iPhone 8. Although, the rumors suggest that Apple will launch it’s iPhone 8 in the first week of September, but I personally think that the launch may extend till the last week of September; the iPhone 8 will hopefully hit the market around September 24. This is just a predicted iPhone 8 release date for you.


The above features seem confirmed as Apple is planning big for its new flagship. The iPhone 8 will be Apple’s premium handset featuring an all-glass OLED display and other jaw dropping features. Therefore, Apple could delay its launch a bit, but, don’t worry, as the saying goes — All good things to those who wait!

Originally published at on July 26, 2017.

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