Do Not Believe If You See This iPhone 8 Clone Anywhere On The Internet — It Is Fake And Laughably Bad

The old readers and observers of iPhone can spot a fake device probably. However, those users who do not read or familiar with the latest iPhone 8 rumors may fall for clones that almost look like the real thing. The new but fake iPhone 8 clone comes from China.

The iPhone 8 Clone Comes From China Worth Only $100

The iPhone 8 is the hotly anticipated smartphone of 2017. It is not even released yet; the clones are already shipping out in China.

Run towards the hills if you hear anyone selling the iPhone 8 right now. Do not buy one. You will end up with iPhone made of plastic and awkwardly runs an older version of Android that has iOS-like skin on the top. That fake iPhone 8 will give your weak and fake iOS performance. And you should not even think about getting an app via the Apple. The price of that made in China iPhone is only $100.

A YouTube Channel called ‘Everything Apple Pro’ got it hands early on a couple of clones of iPhone 8. They look like the real iPhone 8 to an untrained eye.

Those clone of iPhone 8 has a retail package, and it is almost accurate about the details. The iPhone 8 design is somewhat same to what the iPhone 8 rumors are saying. Especially the back side of that clone, which features a faux camera.

Yes, there is also no home button on it, but it is not bezel free like we are expecting. The software has an iOS skin. All features will not work, and you will face placeholder options just to make it look like the original iOS version.

How To Spot The Difference?

In conclusion, end this story with the complete video for tricks and tips on how to find the difference between the real and fake iPhone model.

Originally published at on July 9, 2017.

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