Want to balance work and home life? Get the file manager for iPhone!

It is not easy to strike a right balance between work and home. Almost everyone who works, struggles to spend time with family and spare time for personal hobbies would agree. Sometimes, you just don’t want to turn on your computer because you don’t feel like it. Of course, there are other times too, when your family and friends complain that your eyes are glued to the screen all the time. Such is life. We can’t really change much about it but we can certainly change the way we manage it so that we do more in less time and with all the convenience. Sounds like a perfect life, right? Well, you can embrace this perfect life with just one addition. If you own an iPhone then the first thing you can do is load it with file manager. A path-breaking Wi-Fi sharing iPhone app, it is the simplest and yet most successful way of being a better organizer.

Here is what you can do with this ultimate life-changing file manager:

Lead a more organized and peaceful life

Since this file manager lets you manage all work files like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel, you can get home early, spend time with your family without having to switch your computer on. At the same time, you are not leaving out any work for tomorrow! Just using your iPhone, you are getting all the jobs done and everyone is happy. Wondering what about the confidentially code of your office? Well, there is heightened security with this document manager iPhone app. Every file is secured with a password so your stuff isn’t going anywhere. You can now heave a sigh of relief and enjoy peace of mind.

Multi-tasking not such a big deal anymore

From creating files to editing, sharing and deleting them, everything is easy breezy with this ultra-efficient file manager. Whether it is Wi-Fi or USB, you can speed up your sharing. There is an option of uploading and downloading from the dropbox, too, which makes it very convenient for multiple users with iPhone. In addition to all this, it comes with features like PDF creator. So, if you want to read something later, turn it into a PDF fine and keep it in your phone for later. Wondering if there is more? There sure is! This video player iPhone app is truly versatile and lets you create shortcuts for apps along with everything else that you have been doing.

Save time and energy

We have all struggled with managing files. It is an ordeal, most of the times, isn’t it? And, since we don’t like doing it, we take a lot of time and end up spending hours at a stretch. Well, not anymore. With this file manager, you can sort according to your choice. So, go ahead and sort according to date, or file type or even according to last edited or modified. It is all possible in no time!

Go ahead to download now: https://itunes.apple.com/app/file-manager-document-editor/id725481535?mt=8