Building tips for ROBLOX

Hello there. My name is Austin, ROBLOX username is iPhrixosi at the moment and im starting to realize the drastic change in the ROBLOX building techniques. One of my close friends was attempting to make a base for a group he is in and i slowly started to realize that he was not at all with the times. The style he went with looks like something that belongs in Crossroads(Not dissing that game its a classic). Anyway, his style was bland, and it seemed to me that i owed people the opportunity to learn.

The first thing to pay attention to when you're building is inlets and outlets. Nothing is a bigger turn off in a game then having a brick full of studs. Always make sure to make the surface of all of your bricks smooth. While on the topic of surface, it is SUPER important to turn your outlines off. There are two easy ways to do this. Either go into each brick, scroll down to surface, and set all of your values to “Smooth No Outline” or go to Lighting and deselect Outlines. Without doing this your game is left with an edgy ridged sort of feel. No one wants that.

The build of a game plays a HUGE part in its success. You can have the best scripting involved but have a terrible build and though the scripting is good, your player will have a harder time getting into the game and will focus only on your awful building abilities. To get an idea of modern building techniques I recommend you play some of the popular games out there like Deathrun or Mad Murderer. When you see something that catches your eye, take mental note of it so when you're building you can follow that style and implement it into your game.

This is my game. This was a simple showcase i made resembling a dream my friend claimed he kept having. This game is a perfect example when it comes to building technique though. 90% of a build on ROBLOX is my good old friend, Texture. Without texture, a build looks even more unrealistic and scrappy. As you can see here, everything uses texture. From the grass, to the house, to the rock, and to the dock. Everything uses texture to add simple detail.

Notice also that not everything has to be lined up perfectly. Looking at this dock, jagged edges add to the realistic effect whereas having them all perfectly lined up ruins it.

I can not stress enough how important these few building tips are. If anyone has a question, you can PM me on roblox: iPhrixosi

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