Jallikattu Crackdown : Behind the Scene — Timeline

What everyone knows and seen.

Monday, 23rd January 2017

7 AM : Police ask the protestors at Chennai Marina Beach to disperse. Protestors ask for 2 hours time.

7-10AM : Police start lathicharge and forcefully evict the protestors.

Later : Violence erupt, where the police use force to evict protestors. Vehicles are torched and the police beat up protestors. Around 30 bikes are set ablaze.

Back in Time

Sunday, 22nd January 2017

7–51 PM : Suresh Babu an Engineer working in Google Malasiya posts a free advices on his facebook wall. Free advices for the people protesting in Chennai Marina Beach. Here is the translation of his advices.

Free Advice 1:
Be prepared to run when the mobile signals are blocked…
Free Advice 2: Running in the sand is difficult. Keep your mobile phone in the pocket below and take your sandals in your hands.
Free Advice 3: When running in the beach, run in the snake pattern. This will prevent getting hit in the thigh to some extent.
Free Advice 4:
If you know to swim run in the east direction.
Free Advice 5:
When running away don’t leave the girl you have been talking to for the past 2 days.
Free Advice 6:
If you get hit, use heated bran. It will be available in Red Hills side. Ask them to share it via Whatsapp.
Free Advice 7:
Tamil fighters who wear low hip pants remove your pant and run or else your pant may fall away fully.
Free Advice 8: Our dicky are disgned to withstand lathichrage. If it is confirm that your are getting hit don’t show your hand. Your bones will be broken. Get hit in the dicky. Dicky is better than getting hit in the hand.
Free Advice 9:
If you get hit in the dicky minimum 10 days you have to sleep on your chest. You will have difficulty in changing your underwear. That is not the right place for a Tamilan getting hit. Therefore for the safety of your dicky, vacte the place now.
Free Advice 10:
When police lathicharge you try to escape as much as possible. Or leave them to hit you where ever they aim to hit. Don’t try to be a hero and jump like a monkey. If they miss their target they may hit your point and you have to walk for one month like a dog that has given birth recently.
Free Advice 11:
Protect your knee as far as possible … if your knee is broken you have to crawl like a snail..
Insha Allah .. Let’s get over this issue today itself..

Facebook Post

Facebook Post

Screenshot of the post and the comments of his friends.

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