Do You Love Short Love Stories? Meet The Trendsetter Ajitabha Bose!

Dr Sumitt Singh
May 14, 2018 · 3 min read

The idea of the pocket book appeared to him when he was travelling back to his hometown, upon someone asking him how he manages to read ‘big books’. Being an author he was unhappy with her statement but it was then he had the thought of pocketbooks. Pioneer of authoring romantic pocket books in Indian publishing industry, author Ajitabha Bose made his way to the list of bestselling authors in India, but his journey had too many hurdles on the way, like having his book published from a notable publishing house and many more!

The Challenges Of Getting A Pocket Book Published

A short story of 6000 words and the size of the book had to be smaller, as small as a pocket diary. After the completion of the story, he started looking for the publisher. The publishing giants rejected his idea, the self-publishing house rejected the idea as well telling him that the idea was too risky.

Finally, he convinced a self-publishing house to publish his first pocket book in the year 2015- The Pocket Love Story. The concept was an immediate hit, everyone liked the concept. The Pocket Love Story became the smallest book ever to be published in India making him a national record holder.

For him, it has always been difficult to manage to write a small book, as with limited words he has a difficulty in expressing emotions. Editing takes a lot of time as the word count has to be brought down a lot. He chose to write in simple words that can easily be interpreted by anyone who is reading the book.

Ajitabha wishes to see pocket book be adopted by everyone who does not have a lot of time to read or who does not like to read at all. He says, the stories might be small but they leave a huge impact in a reader’s mind.

Ajitabha’s latest book ‘It’s My Love Story’ released earlier this month creating a buzz all over the country, after his readers whished for him to write a novel.

And the rode to success: In 2016, the book ‘In Love with Shah Rukh Khan’ became a mega hit. It was praised worldwide including Shah Rukh Khan himself, and Ajitabha was promoted to a world record holder. He named his book ‘The Bestseller’ in frustration, hoping to have a name as ‘The Bestseller by Ajitabha Bose’, but the book actually became a bestseller with making the trend of pocket books in the country.

Who is Ajitabha Bose The Author

Ajitabha Bose is a famous bestselling author, filmmaker, designer and an entrepreneur. He introduced the concept of pocketbooks in India. He holds a national record to his name for publishing the smallest love storybook in India.

Currently, based at Delhi, he was born and brought up in Jamshedpur and graduated from Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad. He is the chairman & co-founder of BDL Studios, a renowned production house based at Delhi-NCR. He has worked 200+ videos and 3500+ designs till today.

Ajitabha is the author of five books, It’s A Love Story (2013), The Pocket Love Story (2015), In Love with Shah Rukh Khan (2016, The Best Seller (2017), It’s My Love Story (2018). His last two pocketbooks have sold over 40,00 copies he was featured in Limca Book of Records for contribution in literature and for the smallest love story book.

For his book ‘In love with Shah Rukh Khan’, he received love from all over the world including Shah Rukh Khan himself. He is known throughout the nation for his unique idea of pocket books.

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