The Ultimate List of Ad Spy Tools!

Irfaq Syed
Feb 28, 2016 · 2 min read

Last Updated on May 11, 2018

Here’s an ultimate list of Ad Spy Tools that’ll help you with Ads Inspiration, Competitor Ad Analysis, Keyword Analytics and other competitor spy tools.

This post is curated by the members of Marketers Chat Slack Community — A live-chat community of Internet & Affiliate Marketers with over 3k+ members on board. This post shall be updated from time to time as we discover more such awesome tools.

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  • PowerAdSpy —Facebook Ad Spy Tool (Recommended).
  • Adbeat — Display Ad Spying.
  • AdEspresso — A free tool to spy on FB ads (Newsfeed Desktop/Mobile and Sidebar Ads).
  • AdFox — Facebook Ads Spying Tool, Supports Sidebar and Newsfeed (Desktop + Mobile) Ads Spying.
  • AdPlexity — Monitor campaigns on Android Apps, Mobile Web, Popups and Redirects.
  • AdsXposed — Mobile Spy Tool.
  • Advault — Native Ad Spy Tool.
  • Analyze ID — Find Competitor Website.
  • Anstrex — Native ad spy tool.
  • BoxOfAds — PPV & Display Ad Spy Tool.
  • Follow — Competive Analysis Tool.
  • KeywordSpy — Tool to spy on Adwords campaigns and Other PPC campaigns.
  • Moat — Moat measures real-time Attention Analytics.
  • Native Ad Buzz — Native Ad spy tool.
  • Pay Per Trail — Display and PPC Spy Tool; Shows ads down to the publisher level.
  • SimilarWeb — Get insights for any website or app.
  • SpyOver — Native Ad Spy Tool.
  • WhatRunsWhere — Display, Mobile & Native Ads Spy Tool.

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