Recharge Your Gudipadwa, Ugadi & Puthandu Celebrations Through Smart Recharge!

It’s New Year time! Wondering what are we talking about in April? Well, you’ve read it right! It’s that time of the year when we look beyond the ‘Angrezi’ tradition and celebrate our ‘Desi’ version of new beginnings! Being the true off springs of the Indian soil, a land which boasts of ‘Unity in Diversity’, one can witness an array of wonderful traditions celebrated with the truest emotions bonding people across states, cultures and traditions!

Our longtime buddy i.e technology lags no behind and is always available indeed when in need! Let’s witness situations wherein right #recharge plans adding merry to the festive season celebrations. Smart prepaid recharges can add colors to your festive season.

1. All is good on #gudipadwa

Our smart ‘Marathi Mulga’ was driving his way back home from a week long conference at an outstation city. He had never missed the #GudiPadwa celebration and his family was eagerly awaiting his arrival … and Gosh…!!!He scarcely bumped into a bike whose rider was in a hurry to go the #recharge shop due to an emergency.

‘Bike rider’– I had to make an emergency call, but my balance is zero, so in a hurry to find a recharge shop.

‘Person 2’– Sorry, I can help you. There are easy ways to transfer money between prepaid phones with same operator

Opens and checks #USSD code for talk time transfer and transfers amount.

‘Bike rider’ — Thanks Buddy! Gudipadvyachya Hardik Shubhechha!

‘Person 2’(smiles) Gudipadvyachya Hardik Shubhechha!

2. Bonding on #puthandu

Travel does keep one away from family and the mobile is the major source which revives the bond of love every time and personifies ones support despite being miles away! The good news is it doesn’t cost a fortune. Knowledge of the right #recharge plan is all that is needed.

‘Cousin 1’– How is work?

‘Cousin 2’– That’s fine except that I am away from family most of the times as I have to travel a lot but I do call them regularly.

‘Cousin 1’– It must cost you a lot of money talking to them everyday.

‘Cousin 2’– Yes it does, as I keep traveling to different states. Prepaid roaming takes a toll on my pocket. I don’t have time searching the roaming plans on internet circle wise.

‘Cousin 1’– You should use recharge packs for roaming, which can reduce call rates!

‘Cousin 2’– That’s a wonderful piece of info buddy! Thanks and not to forget.. ‘Iniya Tamizh Puthandu Nalvazhthukkal’

‘Cousin 1’ — ‘Nandri! Ungalukum Iniya Tamizh Puthandu Nalvazhthukkal’

3. Buddy talk at #ugadi celebration

‘Friend 1’What’s up buddy?

‘Friend 2’(Sending #ugadi SMSes to all his friends) All good!

‘Friend 1’- You are always in touch with friends through SMSes. Your monthly rechargeamounts must be high.

‘Friend 2’- No,it isn’t. I just have the knowledge of Rate cutters and special packs reduce the call rates for my operator.

‘Friend 1’- Hmm! Let me try it too!

‘Friend 2’- ‘Ugadi Subakankshalu’

‘Friend 1’-Thanks ‘Ugadi Subakankshalu’

Festivals play a vital role in India and one of the important criteria that bonds people everywhere irrespective of their cultural background. In this festive time let’s un-complicate things which are simple and make life even merrier to live! Happy #gudipadwa #puthandu #ugadi to all! Let’s recharge smart this festive season.

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