Recharge For The Wedding Season

recharge plan for couple

The world is becoming increasingly dependent on mobile phones for pretty much everything. Not having phones recharged with enough talk-time or sufficient data packs makes us feel like we are living in the stone-age. More often than not, the obvious reason for such a setback is lacking instant access and knowledge to the right plans.

Take the wedding season for example. I am at that age now when every time I open Facebook, my news feed is filled with pictures from friends getting engaged or married. Weddings are fun; at least all the ceremonies attached to the actual wedding. It’s fun for a girl like me who just waits for an opportunity to buy new clothes and dress up. And just like everybody else, even I reach a point in the wedding when I’m bored to death and I have no clue what to do.

Stories are boring without superheroes. So just like any other story, this one also has a super hero in the form of selfies and social media coming in to save the day.

Selfies vs. Data: This is war!

No wedding album is complete without selfies; selfies of the bride and groom, pictures of the bride and groom clicking selfies, selfies of friends with the couple, selfies just to show off our new clothes, selfies with grandparents, selfies with babies…I can go on.

Now that you have your pictures, what do you do next? Open up Instagram, crop the picture, apply a cool filter, type a million pointless hash tags and just when you’re going to click upload it hits you….YOU DON’T HAVE DATA LEFT TO UPLOAD THE PICTURE!! That’s when you realize that you forgot to recharge your internet pack before the wedding. 21st century problems! Wish you had something which could give you instant access to the best plans integrated with a recharge platform? Check your app store in leisure. It’s just a few clicks away!

Let’s talk technical reality

This is a story many people belonging to the age of social media have to say. Having phones recharged with the right packs has become as important as taking a shower every day. A typical wedding celebration spread across 4 days would require you to upload about 20–30 pictures. How much data would that sum up to? (Do the math while I go grab a calculator: P). We’re talking about 240mb of data just for uploading pictures. And while you’re at it, you might find some aunty cleaning her fingers on a curtain or some uncle blowing his nose using his Angavastram. All these episodes call for video uploads which means more data (Video uploads require about 10mb of data depending on the size and resolution of the video). Rounding all that off and adding all the data you need for constant texting and refreshing your notifications to check the number of likes on your pictures, we are talking about 1GB or more of data just for those few days! Being able to recharge your phones instantly is the only and best option available which is best done through the right apps which gives all the desired info coupled with recharging options.

Recharge at your fingertips is the way to go

So just say that you forgot to recharge your phone in the midst of all the wedding chaos. It’s a wedding. The last thing you want to be doing is calling customer care and haggling it out with them over the phone, or even worse, trying to make an online transaction which has a high possibility of not going through for various reasons. Fast and instant recharge is the way to go in this day and age. So find a mobile app on Play Store that gives you all the available recharge options at one click and also carries out the recharge in an even faster click.

Isn’t it all this that makes weddings fun not just for the couple but for you as well? You are after all collecting memories to last a lifetime. So along with all the new outfits make sure you have the right data packs this wedding season; the recharge requirement of which is best matched with a smart recharge app! It’s very much on your play store! Have you installed it yet? If not the ‘Time is Now’!