Biggest Thing I Learned from Breakups

Basically just four days ago, I faced something really unexpected and heart crushing feeling, a breakup. My partner broke up with me. Apparently, I just have to accept the decision made. I tried to fight for what we’ve started. I want to save our relationship in any means I can. But I ended up losing the one I love. I lose him because I loved him so much. I respect his decision and by showing my respect I hoped he felt that last glance of my love for him until the very end.

Rebuilding yourself after a breakup was never easy. It will take time, lots of it. I couldn’t say that I already moved on but I can say that I’m doing just okay. I made sure we both ended well so there will be no bitterness and hatred in our hearts. We’ve been together for just a short period of time but I know everything that happened between the two of us was real. Sadly things happen and by any means we need to move forward. I’m just thankful for the time I got to spend with him back then. He was a good and loving partner. I can’t deny it.

And the biggest thing I learned from my breakups is that — it has a purpose, it has a reason why it had to happen. You just have to figure it by yourself positively. You don’t have to pressure yourself in knowing the purpose as in the right time you’ll know why. And believe me, when that time comes you’ll look up in the sky and thank God why it had to happen.