Introduce yourself in Hindi

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Learn Hindi Online — Lesson 2 — How to Introduce Yourself in Hindi

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In Lesson 2, we will learn how to introduce ourselves in Hindi in a simple manner. As a starting step, please read out loud the following exchange between Raja and Bina:

Simple Hindi Conversation

Raja: Namaste. Aapka naam kya hai?
Bina: Namaste. Mera naam Bina hai. Aapka naam kya hai?
Raja: Mera naam Raja hai.
Bina: Accha. Aap kaise ho?
Raja: Main accha hoon. Aap kaise ho?
Bina: Main bhi acchi hoon, shukriya.

Can you guess what they are saying?


Raja: Hello. What is your name?
Bina: Hello. My name is Bina. What is your name?
Raja: My name is Raja.
Bina: Ok. How are you?
Raja: I am good. How are you?
Bina: I am also good, thank you.

Got it? Good! Here is a translation of the Hindi words used here:


Namaste = hello
Aapka = your
Naam = name
Kya = what
Hai = is
Mera = my
Accha = ok / good
Aap = you
Kaise = how
Ho = are
Main = I
Bhi = also
Hoon = am / to be
Shukriya = thank you

Now, can you introduce yourself in Hindi and ask someone their name? Remember to practice with your Hindi-speaking friends to get a hang of the pronunciation and practice the words. If you need professional guidance and would like to learn Hindi online with a tutor, you may want to check out our Online Hindi Course With Tutor

Happy learning!