Still breathing? Good…Then

Last week, I knew about a 19 year old boy who is in a coma for about a month now as a result of a car accident. He is currently on breathing machines, which cost about 7000 EGP/ night (and yes its a public hospital). Although, this might not seem as a huge amount, but for a family with 300 EGP income per week…This is a fortune! The doctors say they are helpless till his respiratory system starts working properly (without artificial respiration they mean)…It’s not the first time I hear about such tragedies, but its definitely the first time to be exhausted by these thoughts. Tons of money are being paid for someone to just inhale and exhale, and I am wasting this gift watching a Japanese series on MBC 4 !(when I am at my boredom’s peak ☺)….What am I doing?

Lets try something!

Could you please take few minutes to list the top 10 things that you do in your life…Just think of the activities you actually do or wish to perform on a daily/ weekly basis…These can include pretty much anything from going to the gym, programming, reading, shopping, going out, studying,…etc. Done? …Now try to prioritize them. What are the 5 things that matters to you the most?

Now, how many of these are self-centered (I mean that personally benefit you) and how many are related to others (and No, going out with your best friend is not considered as one ☺). The point is to figure out if there are things that you do for others with no return…you aren't getting anything out of it; no money, no prestige…you aren't trying to prove anything neither to yourself nor to others….Hein? How many have you found? I bet you they are less than 3 (Don’t ask why I chose this number because I have no idea ☺) When I personally did that exercise, I had NONE ☺(stating it that way, I just realized how a philanthropic person I am! ☺)

But the question is why should we even care as long as we are happy and satisfied with what we are doing, right?

Have you heard the “Go for whatever makes you happy” slogan? I am not claiming this is a wrong sentence to live by….but wouldn't “Leave your mark while doing what you love” be more powerful and meaningful?

I am not trying to sound deep or complicated…but think of it this way. After you die (sounds brutal I know ☺, try to bare with me for a moment), people will not remember you with your physical attributes but rather with what you did. Consider Einstein, do they refer to him as “the guy with frizzy grey hair” (I evilly do that from time to time ☺) or “the guy who invented the relativity theory”….Usually, it’s the second one. Do you agree?

How to do that? How to leave a trace?

You can invent another theory of relativity or prove Einstein wrong (and best of luck with that ☺)… or you can similarly impact people’s lives with much simpler acts . You can dedicate part of your spare time offering FREE services. If you are an athlete, you can sign up for a charity run… If you are a college student with good note taking skills why not help your blind mates… If you are a teacher, consider dedicating an hour a day for instance to help an illiterate read and write… Do you love cooking? why not bake a cake for your neighbors. And the list goes on… Some people might chose to just donate money (I’m not saying its a bad thing), but the truth is there is nothing more valuable to others than giving them some of your time. The most important thing to keep in mind is to do good for others without waiting for any financial return.

Although, I haven’t yet started doing anything, but I bet that any of these kind acts would be much more satisfying for me than my Japanese series☺. Just try to do something as long as you can breath!

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