HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Online Course at Coursera Review. Day 7 of 42.

On the seventh day of the PrEParing MOOC, Coursera online learning platform and John Hopkins School of Nursing propose us to pass an interactive test to check obtained in the first module of knowledge.

The participants of the course are obliged not to disclose the tasks and its solutions. So, we suggest that you recall the most important cases about HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) strategies.

Try to formulate your answers to the questions:

— What is PrEP?

— What is the risk of HIV transmission?

— What is the undetectable viral load in a person living with HIV?

— If a person has HIV and undetectable viral load in the blood — what are the risks of an HIV-negative person getting HIV in a case of one-time unprotected sexual intercourse with him or her?

— How does PrEP work in the human body?

— Is PrEP an experiment or an already proven and approved practice?

— Are pregnant women allowed take PrEP?

— Is PrEP an obstacle for the birth planning?

-Are there any particularities of taking PrEP pills?

— How quickly does PrEP create a barrier against HIV in the tissues of the anal canal and rectum?

— How quickly does PrEP create a barrier against HIV in the tissues of the vagina?

— How much does PrEP cost? What are the options?

— How to get informed about the ways how PrEP is provided in your country?

— What highlights of PrEP admission revealed scientists in the study of transgender men and women?

— Who is considered to be in risk groups?

— If you cover by PrEP all the people at risk in some community — what changes could be expected in the epidemiological situation? What would happen to the rate of HIV spread in such a community?

— What is better to use — PrEP or condom?

— Can I use PrEP and a condom together?

— Can an HIV-negative person live with an HIV-positive person and regularly engage in unprotected sex in such a couple without a condom and no risk of HIV transmission? When is this possible?

Try to answer these questions yourself, and we will publish our opinion on the 14th day of the PrEParing course review, so stay tuned!

Tomorrow we are waiting for the first day of the second module of the online course. If you have not already signed up for the PrEParing course on the Coursera platform, it’s never too late to do it, just follow the link

Stay with us and stay healthy!

P. S. The original article was posted on the Life4me+ mobile app for HIV-positive persons blog.

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