I’m going to kind of hijack this and use the comment section to go off on a bit of a tangent.
Eric Schulz

As a long time Pats fan, I predicted yesterday that if we win, all the Brady haters and detractors would come out of the woodwork.

Your analysis isn’t off, but it is certainly cherry picking points to make your case. So I will “cherry pick” one paragraph from the article to refute all you say, and support my thesis that Brady is top two all time, if not the GOAT. Also, I will stress that football is not an individual sport, like you said, it is a team sport, and the coaches are part of that team. If sucky plays or bad coaching don’t hurt Manning in your view, being the beneficiary of being coached by a top three all time coach shouldn’t negatively impact Brady.

Ready for the quote?

Brissett finished 11-of-19 and ripped a couple of impressive throws — an early slant to Malcolm Mitchell stands out — but regularly looked the part of a third-round rookie shoved into spot duty. The Patriots had nothing down the field and sputtered when the field shrank in the red zone. But with the deck stacked so decidedly in New England’s favor elsewhere, he was more than enough.

That bold part? Brady has that. In spades. That is what sets him apart and qualifies him as GOAT.

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