I’m taking a risk, because I am an Edmontonian

Here’s to another crazy one!


Hello world! I’m Cory Sellar, and as an Edmontonian, I plan on taking a risk, by wanting to become a social media influencer. Obviously, these things don’t happen overnight. A lot of researching, thinking, deciding, planning and creating will go into this process.

Chapter 1: What’s in a name?

This has been one of the biggest speed bumps I’ve encountered since the thought of kicking off my YouTube channel took hold in my imagination. iCory, iSellar, Stellar Sellar, Senator C… These are some of the nicknames I’ve come up with.

After a brief period of asking my friends and followers on Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter, it seems that there is a common interest for one nickname: STELLAR SELLAR. I believe I have at least one person to thank for that name and that would be Konner with a K for starters (thanks Konner 👏).

Now that I finally figured out a nickname (no, I’m not sticking to iSellar for this one), I can start on the foundation of my online personal brand.

Chapter 2: YouTube channel

I’m probably not the only one who’s frustrated about having two different YouTube channels as a result of using two Gmail accounts. Honestly, I didn’t think I’d have two in the first place. Unfortunately I had to set up a new Gmail with a more professional email address. My first one was more on the personal side and the address could be a challenge to understand the reference, but regardless I needed to free things up a bit. If we’re keeping track of everything, I’m currently signed into five different email addresses — two that I rarely use, the third being my iCloud account, and the remaining two being my Gmail. So, why am I bringing all of this up? Well you see, when I was applying for the Radio & Television program at NAIT, I had to submit a two minute submission video. I uploaded it to YouTube under my personal Gmail account at the time, whereas now I am uploading videos to my professional Gmail address. I’d lose all my views on that submission video, but I suppose it wouldn’t necessarily be a huge loss?

Chapter 3: Medium

Blogging and figuring out the right theme for a website is hard. Before I even start to type words in the text box, I’m scrolling through pages of different themes and previewing them to see which one catches my eye.

It wasn’t until early 2015 that I published my first story on Medium. The assumption can be made that I joined the platform not long before that, browsing through the thoughts of others. Ever since then, I’d like to think my writing skills have improved, but I’m always learning. I have instructors in my program that can help me and I’ve got one of the best writers at home — my dad.

Today, I’ve grown to love Medium and what it represents. Like Twitter, it continues to evolve. Recently, I’ve come to understand and enjoy creating and reading Publications. I’ve already created one for a project that I and a few others are working on to bring a social media facility to Edmonton, AB, Canada. The newest publication I’ve started is for my personal brand: STELLAR SELLAR. Although, as I type this, I’m realizing that maybe I should stick to changing my username on Medium instead of STELLAR SELLAR. The publication can come later. Ok, I think I’ve got it. I’ll keep the publication and just use it when necessary. Well look at that, I’ve changed my mind once again. The new nickname will be a hashtag: #STELLARSELLAR, but this publication will take on the STELLAR branding (again, shout out to Konner for the nickname). This whole story will be the first on the publication. Something for you to take note of is, despite having a keen vision, it’s important to come back to reality to see that it’s just you right now and that there aren’t that many resources at your disposal.

Bottom line is, I’m writing on Medium as opposed to WordPress. I enjoy writing on the platform. Their User Happiness team are a great, helpful bunch, in part because one of them sent me an official Medium t-shirt! Ironically, the medium didn’t fit.

Chapter 4: Shot on iPhone

For the time being, I’m confident I can pull this off by shooting my videos using an iPhone. Eventually I plan on upgrading my phone to the new iPhone, most likely the higher end model that’s capable of shooting high-quality video. Of course, I’ll need a little more than just my iPhone so that it’s not shaky (despite how steady my television cameraman/producer dad could probably hold it). After a brief Google search, I came across this website that had an awesome video that will help me with behind the iPhone:

This one had some great tips (some similar to the ones mentioned in the website/video above):

Here’s a blog post from Buffer that lists some video creation essentials. It also breaks down the advantages of sharing video on the different social platforms and gives a few other tips regarding video marketing.

There are many YouTube videos about how to use your phone to shoot video. This one comes from that bunch (so, enjoy!):

Video by Sunny Lenarduzzi

Chapter 5: Community

Meetups at a tech hub or during lunch hour on campus is where you can connect with similar minds. It’s not always what you know, but who you know. The people you talk to can lead to creative collaborations and before long, it’s a win win for both parties. The road to success is more a path than a road, full of bumps, twists and turns, uphill climbs that test one’s endurance, and downhill stretches where speed and exhilaration can be overwhelming but short-lived. It’s a journey you can take alone, but my own plan includes finding people of passion who can make me better, because I do have a lot to learn. The smartest person in the room may be squatting in his superior, but stagnant pool of self-satisfaction, expounding labyrinthine mathematical equations of staggering complexity, but you only have to walk up to him, and state quietly and politely, “Excuse me, but this is English class.”

Knowing who you are, where you are, and where you’re going will be a good start.

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