Last Week of Practicum

Final days of the practicum journey in fourth semester


Stat holiday, so it made the week shorter. Time seemed to fly right by.


On the road again for another episode of Where You Live with Tim Dancy. We headed east to Strathcona County to hear about their story.


Headed down to Camrose with Paul, Tim and Rod for a few more interviews for the BVJ doc. I recall having a delicious lunch, but that was about it.


Sat down with Tim again to go over the last story I would edit for the Mayor’s Awards. I was able to show Bianca my Goodwill script and have it vetted by her. I would then be able to start editing, but I never did send it off to be put on the air. Up Front was in the afternoon and I was directing/floor director and keeping time for the new epsiode. I had fun as always. It’s a show that I find to be very interesting with good questions asked by the host.


Last day of practicum at Shaw TV. It honestly flew right by. The staff were kind enough to buy a delicious cake and gave me a card with warm wishes. I was grateful for their kindness and experience.

Today was my last chance to schedule a graphics session with Chantelle, but unfortunately she was occupied with other things. I guess that’s the problem with having only one graphics producer in the department. It was disappointing not getting a chance to sit down with her. We were going to maybe plan a time the following week, but I would later find out that it was never going to be possible. I suppose I will have to take Graphic Communications at NAIT sometime down the road. Time will tell.

Let’s rewind one more time for the other weekly stories

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The following week: shocking news was released

Shaw announced it will be closing Shaw TV stations in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton, effective Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Right when I was about to send off my Goodwill story and book a session with Chantelle, I stopped any attempt of sending emails to Shaw at that point. Half the staff were laid off. Only a few remain until August.

As for the new funding that Global News is now getting, thanks to Shaw, it’ll be used to create new community programming. The following will be included:

  1. Establishing Municipal Affairs Specialists and City Hall Bureaus that will cover municipal elections, expand civic election coverage on and offer continued coverage of pertinent community news.
  2. Assigning community reporters to support and work directly with local groups and stakeholders on community events and initiatives.
  3. Expanding Global News Live, a growing online platform, to provide greater focus on grassroots digital content.
  4. Covering and supporting university, college and community sports in Western Canada.
  5. Taking newscasts out of the studio and into the community to better showcase stories and news of local neighbourhoods and suburban communities.

From my stand point for someone who’s looking into getting their first career job, Global News is looking like a solid place to work at. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled on the Corus Careers website. Between the Edmonton area and Ottawa, I’m keeping a sharp eye.

My reflection on Shaw TV Edmonton shutting down

This hits home for me on several counts. Even though my dad was laid off back in late September, it seems baffling that the entire station will be completely wiped clean of existence almost a year later since he departed from the company. Five days before this press release was made public, I had finished my practicum. At one point, I thought to myself, was it really worth it? Of course it was. The hands-on experience was fantastic and the people I worked with was always a great time. I learned a lot and there was still plenty for me to learn. Yes, I could’ve maybe tried looking for an opportunity to do editing and web writing for a station such as Global News or CTV Edmonton, but I didn’t. Some days I wish I had gone that route, other days I’m happy with the path I chose. At this very moment now, I can’t look back and think, what if? I need to keep one foot forward and just keep swimming.

So long Shaw TV! You will be missed. It was a great time being a volunteer and practicum student. An amazing opportunity and yet I was just getting started with the new Shaw TV x NAIT partnership since the NAIT Ooks hockey and basketball.

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