NAIT Convocation 2017

A Television student turned alumnus

photo credit: NAIT

Leading up to Convocation

That moment when I’ll be walking across the stage is not the same without a few sharp looking pieces of apparel. Met up with an old high school friend for coffee at WEM. After a delicious Build Your Own Burger at 1st RND and a refreshing pint of Heineken, I took off to the shops. Dress shirt and tie from Simons and a pair of dress shoes from Steve Madden. Sadly, my grad ring hadn’t arrived yet, but I got by.

Practicum at Shaw TV Edmonton came and gone. It feels like just yesterday that I was starting first semester of Radio and Television. Three semesters at NAIT flew right along. You can check out the weekly stories of my practicum experience:

Saturday, May 6th, 2017

Suit on. Sunglasses on. Boss look on. I’m sorry, I had to. Arrived at the Jube to find a chaotic amount of fellow NAIT grads and their family and friends. I was unable to find the sign for my program…until I took the escalator downstairs where we had to lineup and off to the right, I saw Radio and Television. I also spotted one of my classmates, MIKE DIACHUK!

photo credit: Perry Thomas

Wearing that gown in the basement of the Jube was quite warm and tiring. To all of our relief, they were finally getting people to line up to enter the auditorium. As we entered and began walking down to our seats, one of the pieces from Star Wars was playing! I was pumped and ready. That’s when it finally hit me. I was (finally) graduating! Holy shit, right? Those two years flew by! I will forever be grateful for all that I’ve learned, the people I’ve come to know and the exciting times that are yet to come.

It was finally time for our row (and program) to stand up and go line up to walk the stage. That’s when things were really hitting me. Short and sweet. My name was called, did my wave, fist bumped my good friend John Perozok (NAITSA President), shook Dr. Glenn Feltham’s hand, a couple other gentlemen (I’ll have to look them up in my program book) and the Radio and Television program chair, Patrick Galenza. Before coming off the stage I had my photo taken.

I, Cory Sellar, am a Radio and Television alumnus from the Class of 2017.

Check out the live stream of the NAIT Convocation ceremony for the Class of 2017:

An inspiring speech by Ashif Mawji, who received an honorary Bachelor of Business Administration degree:

After getting followed back from Ashif on Twitter, I reached out to him later through DM to ask for some entrepreneurial advice. I’ll be following up in July with him.

After the ceremony on Saturday, I spent time with family and friends to help mark this very special occasion. Good wine and good company! Oh! And I almost forgot a fantastic grad gift from my parents: a new ring.

One more inspiring speech. I am proud to share, Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address:

Now it’s my turn to think different, as I begin my career journey and whatever else that life throws at me. I’m ready in 3… 2… 1… and cue!

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