My journey through practicum at Shaw TV Edmonton


Worked on rearranging the studio with the green screen.

Every day this week on the way to work, I’ve continued to enjoy that great read, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. Surprisingly enough, not listening to music while I read on the bus helps me concentrate.


In the morning, Paul and I headed out to Sherwood Park for another taping of yoga, where we met up with Mike. Once we started shooting, Paul had to snap some photos for social media, and I took over the wide shot. Carried on right until the end. It felt good!

In the evening after work, I took the bus down to West Edmonton Mall for my Apple Store appointment. My Macbook was wiped and the macOS was reinstalled. Lost all the apps I installed, including Adobe Master Suite CS6. We’ll see if that serial number will work again. Hopefully, I won’t have to sign up for Creative Cloud… yet.


On the road again with Paul and Doug for another taping of Where You Live. I was on camera for Doug (yes, it was in focus, I checked it and so did Paul).


Went off with Paul to the Goodwill Impact Centre to do a story. It was great seeing Brenda again who I met when I was helping out with a previous production. I shot four interviews and I’m excited to put it together. Need to find an emotional, yet inpsiring piece of music for this one.

Finally published a Facebook Note on winter comfort food under the Shaw TV Edmonton Facebook page. The note was approved by their head Social Media Coordinator.


Paul and I were back at rearranging the green screen back to the previous set for next week’s taping of YEG Unplugged.

Oh yeah, Paul suggested we shoot a time lapse of the rearranging with one of our new GoPro HERO5’s. #Genius. I had fun with the editing. The quick and fun stuff like this I enjoy.

After I got off work, I headed home to suit up for a fancy night out at the Mayfield dinner theatre with Alisha Karim. The show was Sherlock Holmes. Since Alisha doesn’t like wine, I enjoyed a nice smooth, yet spicy bottle of red ($45 bottle of wine to be exact, but it was quite good).

The Weekend

Reading and more reading

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