Dealing With A Difficult Teenager and Braces

One of the most frustrating moments for any parent is when they have to battle with their teenage daughter or son simply because of something they will benefit from in the long-term. A teenage daughter or son will beg their parents for braces so they can fix their crooked teeth. After much thought and a weigh-up of the costs and time involved, the parents will usually admit defeat and book that initial consultation with their local dentist. However, this could be sounding like a fairytale to you. As the most awkward and self-conscious period of their lives, the last thing a teenager wants whacked onto their teeth is a set of metal braces. Do not panic, as there is an easy, affordable solution to this terrible teenager catastrophe — as it seems to be to your anxious adolescent daughter or son. Clear braces are the key to a trouble-free experience with getting straighter, less-crooked, beautiful teeth before adulthood hits.

Clear braces are an excellent alternative to metal braces for a few reasons, especially when you’re dealing with a difficult teenager. They might be experiencing anxiety, poor self-esteem, and confidence just because of their crooked teeth. A simple explanation of the ways that clear braces can be better for their overall health and confidence in the short- and long-term can sometimes be all it takes to turn that difficult teenager into a happy one. Straight, beautiful looking teeth will improve their self-esteem and confidence immensely. Gone are the days of picking food out of metal braces, gone is the unwanted attention from school bullies and negative community members, gone are the elastic bands tied around metal braces often snapping off into people’s faces, and gone are the days of feeling embarrassed about their teeth. Paying attention to their teeth and mouth health is a positive life lesson for your teenager and it can start today by encouraging clear braces.

During adolescence, a teenager can experience highly emotional moments that might not seem a big deal to other people. It’s also a time of curiosity and comparison, usually comparing themselves to other people close in age. They’ll judge their hair, their face, their clothes, their shoes, the school they attend, the sporting club they’re at, the car their parents drive, and the list goes on. Metal braces can certainly throw a spanner in the works for this emotional phase as it adds even more seemingly negative attention to the teenager. They want their crooked teeth fixed but they don’t want to endure a mouthful of metal to get that straight, perfect smile — which is why we recommend clear braces for your difficult teenager.

A highly-qualified orthodontist at iSmile Orthodontics in Melbourne can work with you and your family to achieve the best outcome for your teenage daughter or son. Clear braces are an efficient, reliable alternative to metal braces that will transform gaps or crooked teeth into a beautiful, healthy smile that will last a life time for your teenager. They’ll thank you later.

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