NOBODY cares which live streaming app is best!

It’s been a wild ride these last 16 months since Meerkat exploded onto the scene at SXSW as the breakout mobile live streaming video platform or social broadcasting app or social video or whatever the hell the bandwagon self tilted influencers are calling it these days. But the “what the hell are we going to call this technology” rant will have to be for another blog post.

I’ve worked with brands of all sizes building out 30+ live video influencer strategies and I’ve even done over 1,800 live streams on my personal account but the one thing that has become clear for me over these last 16 months that might surprise you is…

Your audience doesn’t give a crap what app you’re using, as long as you’re listening, engaged & providing value!

The first keynote I gave around my #ThinkLikeAFan philosophy a little over a year ago, was focused 90% on the apps and 10% on the mindset shift. Fast-forward a year and often times I’ll not mention an app or technology at all in my pitch to brands and my keynotes and interviews are 95% mindset shift and 5% about the apps!

Here are a couple short video interviews I’ve done recently where I try to focus on the mindset shift even though most just want to talk about the apps.

ATT Interview:

AQ’S Blog & Grill Interview:

The Visual Minute Interview:

The successful live streams I’ve helped execute for brands at Backlamp and the live event streams we’ve done with SMACtalk Live are still being talked about today as game changers. But funny enough most people can’t remember which apps we used, they can only remember the experience we created, the value we provided and the mindset shift we implemented to make it all work.

This trend has continued even with the public speaking side of my business as I’ll be doing 40+ keynotes in 9 countries in 2016 alone and the first half the year most of the keynotes were around live video but this fall my keynote topics are the follow:

  • Future of Business is Community
  • Influencer Marketing: Discovering the girl next door
  • Limitations Inspire Creativity
  • A Millennial Mindset: It’s not the year you’re born but your ability to embrace change, collaboration and community!

So as you heard in some of the videos above my advice is simple:

Focus less on app advice from influencers and more on the value, the engagement, the storytelling and the mindset shift you’re able to leverage with live video!

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