Top 4 Reasons Why #SXSW2016 was an Interactive Game Changer!

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View from the Sprinklr VIP party overlooking SXSW

I was lucky enough to be at SXSW for the last 8 days and decided to break down the 4 major takeaways I had into 4 videos that I live streamed on Periscope in 4 parts & the entire thing is available on my Facebook Live Page!

My 4 part review of ‪#‎SXSW‬ covering: breakout app, VR a content reality, Power of Access & Impact of Social Video!

Part 1: (15mins)Breakout App

Part 2: (10min) VR a content reality

Part 3: (8mins) Power of ACCESS

Part 4; (8mins) Social Video Is The Future

You can watch the entire stream below on my Facebook Live Page or each Periscope after they expire on my Katch page which is home of 500+ of my live streams. Katch: http://www.BrianFanzo.Live

I’ll be blogging more about my 8 days at SXSW including some pictures and snapchat stories that you won’t want to miss. Hopefully you enjoyed this video recap of SXSW as it was an amazing 8 days and I hope I did a good job sharing my thoughts with you my community. Make sure to follow me on SNAPCHAT at isocialfanz.

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