How Event Planners Should Take Advantage Of The Holiday Season To Get Bookings Through Social Media

Get More Bookings Through Social Media This Holiday Season

During the holiday season, people have their mind on two things: buying stuff and planning for next year.

Every company, service and brand has an end-of-the-year promotion or campaign during the holiday season. As an event planner, you can ride the wave of consumerism to fill up your calendar with bookings by using social media.

Anyone can just promote themselves using Twitter or Facebook. But to truly stand out amongst the noise, you need to reach out to potential clients on a personal level and connect with past clients to kick your referral engine into high gear.

Share photos from your past events on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest that link back to your website — and encourage others to do the same.

The holiday season is also a time of reflection, making this month the perfect opportunity to share photos of past events with your social media following. The key is to include a call to action on each post to drive potential clients to your website.

Encourage your past clients to share photos too! With a personalized, warm holiday message, remind them to refer your services to friends who may need of a rockstar event planner like you.

Post in Facebook groups relative your event niche and market.

While you’re probably already part of groups on Facebook where potential clients are also members, make sure to post often and respond directly to their questions and concerns. If you’re offering an end-of-year promotion,

Facebook groups are the place to talk about it! Why? Because they’re likely to have members in your target market. These days, many people rely on these groups for advice and referrals.

Think gifts and giveaways.

Maybe you have a blog or a loyal following on your platforms. If so, create an incredibly useful resource for them, like a checklist, gift guide or event budgeting guide. Use the resource as a lead magnet to get your readers (and potential clients) to sign up for your email list. That way, you can connect with them directly!

By hosting a contest or giveaway, you can get your followers and readers to share a link to your site in order to enter the contest. Whoever wins gets your incredible resource or maybe a discount on your services.

Give shoutouts to your vendors.

The holidays are the best time to give shoutouts on Twitter and Facebook to your vendors. Include links to their sites and services and they might feel inspired to return the favor. You can even go a step further and ask them to share a link to your services with their followers. Sometimes, your contacts just need a gentle push. There’s no harm in asking.

The holiday season is all about giving. And those who give will get something back in return.

Keep your social media posts through the holidays cheerful and positive. The same rules about authenticity apply during the festive season too! Don’t be afraid to throw a personal touch on what you share. It will make you and your business more memorable.