ADLT™ the Bridge Across the Drug Development Chain

The Drug Development Chain (Discovery=> R&D=>Pre-Clinical testing=>Clinical Testing=> Regulatory Approval=>Market Release) is the long, arduous, and expensive process that a therapy takes from idea to cure. The process requires experts from a broad spectrum of disciplines and the ability to collect, analyze, and collate data housed in multiple internal and external systems that do not readily communicate with each other.

Due to the need to create an immutable, transparent, authenticated, and auditable record of the events and data collected during this process, the Drug Development Chain, like the Information Supply Chain or the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain, can leverage ADLT™ to accomplish these goals as well as provide a connection between the pre- and post-marketing research that is conducted. Today, companies are viewing Data as an asset. And like any other asset, is something that needs to be managed for secure, distributed and trusted data doesn’t just apply to external clients and supply chain participants, it also applies internally. The Biopharma industry needs to look internally, as well as eternally, to provide secure and trusted data to all parties involved so that the information can have a positive result in connecting the information throughout development chain. he ability to have a longitudinal view of drug development and post marketing use can have a major impact on future development as the industry looks for ways to improve R&D, look for unmet niches, and pave the way for decentralized manufacturing and personalized medicine.

This is why iSolve sponsored the BlockRx project. While working with different manufacturers and supply chain participants, iSolve identified many different areas within Pharma, whereby Advanced Digital Ledger Technology™ (ADLT™) can provide the visibility, verification and validation needed to help bridge information between trusted parties. Whether internal or external, ADLT™ can have a major impact on improving the way Biopharma processes and shares information within the supply chain. Powered by the Blockchain, ADLT™ helps enhance the drug supply chain process in order for information to be utilized more efficiently and securely. For more information regarding ADLT™ or Blockchain Solutions for Pharma, contact us at or visit us on the web at You may also register for the BlockRx Pilot Program at Thanks and see you soon!