Cryptocurency : Greatest Evil of 21st Century

When Bitcoin was introduced, it gave a beautiful dream to the whole world — Regulator free money with no borders. What it meant is that, everyone in the world would be using the same currency and say good bye to age old currencies of respective countries.

Well, the dream was definitely sold and many people, including the high profile people bought the dream (look at the growth Bitcoin has and look at how many other different cryptocurrencies have cropped up).

The only disadvantage and probably the most crictical one is that, cryptocurrency can not be traced. What it means is that, almost always, this will be used in areas which involves some sort of fraud or criminal intention!

Do you need proof for the above…well, I understand. Here it is…

Did you see anything common recent malware attacks? Did you see anything suspicious in spam emails asking for donation in bitcoins? Haven’t you?!? Hmmm, you are quite an optimistic person I should say! :)

Annonymity is the biggest motivator for any fraud. Believe it or not, each one of us has a devil inside. And when we give a platform of annonymity, beast will be unleashed! The same is happening across the world. Hackers now have an anonymous means of asking for ransom and thereby, they don’t need to fear anything.

I thus, strongly feel that such cruptocurrency pose a great threat to the human race. Imagine a future where robots have inbuilt intelligence to write virus, spread it, ask for ransom in BitCoin!

It’s time to say ‘Good Bye’ to the Greatest evil of 21st Century : CryptoCurrency!

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