Half of the world’s population menstruates.

Breaking the silence on menstruation can change women and girls’ lives.

Integrating Menstrual Hygiene Management in national policies across sectors ensures that no one is left behind.

4 UN Sustainable Development Goal 6.2 cannot be achieved without safe Menstrual Hygiene Management for all women and girls

International conventions and action plans elaborate on women’s sexual and reproductive rights, but stop short of explicitly mentioning menstruation. If health education is provided in a community or school, the chapter on reproductive health is often skipped due to these taboos. Even development sectors such as water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) ignore girl’s and women’s need for safe spaces to manage menstrual hygiene and mechanisms for safe disposal of materials used to absorb menstrual blood — despite routinely dealing with infrastructure and taboo topics such as excreta. SDG target 6.2 puts a focus on ensuring sanitation and hygiene for everyone, everywhere, all of the time.

iTech Mission supports WSSCC work to break the silence on menstruation in many locations around the world. This 3-minute video invites us to a training session for school girls in India.