A reflection of 
iTech Mission (iTM)
at the First-Ever UN world data forum

The four-day UN World Data Forum that started on 15 January, and organized by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA), and hosted by Statistics South Africa was a step forward in getting the world connect to revolutionize data collection and dissemination for achieving 2030 targets. Facts that float in these dense structure of numbers have tremendous capacity to make this world a better place. If and only if they are structured well to harness the way-forward on an open platform. Connecting with likeminded workforce at the first data forum gave me immense pleasure to know, that there are others who can see the horizon not too far.

iTM is developing innovative citizen engagement platform to involve all to leave no one behind. In addition, the Improved use of data and statistics is now crucial to achieving the transformational vision of a better future for people, set out in the 2030 agenda agreed by world leaders at the UN in September 2015. Rapid expansion in new sources of data is creating large-scale opportunities for innovative solutions, which need to be integrated with strengthened official data mechanisms and structures.

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