Transparency is more important than ever in the world today. It provides access to information that does not change with regard to the viewpoint or the personality of the broadcaster. Many modern companies use BI systems in their daily activities, but it is very rare for investors to plunge into these systems. In the best case, they are reviewed once at the due diligence stage and later reduced to simple reporting forms such as an excel spreadsheet. Even if the investor’s representatives have access to the BI system of their portfolio company, the information requires system updates and data analysis…

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By Valery Vavilov

Bitcoin is having its best year yet, as companies like Tesla and PayPal invest billions and send the value skyward. Unlike previous booms, institutional investors are taking a serious look at Bitcoin and getting on board themselves. JP Morgan predicted bitcoin could rally up to $146,000 and suggested investors allocate at least 1% of their portfolio for Bitcoin. Meanwhile, Citi recently said Bitcoin is at a tipping point of mainstream acceptance and is already establishing itself as a global store of value, and could one day become the currency of choice for international trade.

The more momentum…

Interview with Natallia Chykina, CFO and Partner at iTech Capital and a co-founder of AIRR

How did you get the idea of AIRR?

At iTech Capital, we have more than 80 investors and 20 portfolio companies. As the person responsible for the firm’s operations, I’ve introduced several IT platforms to manage our data. We are using Salesforce as a CRM, Xero for accounting, we also have a BI platform for reporting & analytics, and a couple of other platforms.

Unfortunately, at some point, we faced difficulties in putting together all this data and making the relevant information available to our…

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The AIRR investment management platform has launched a mobile application that offers venture capitalists their portfolio data online and on-the-go. The service offers a single SaaS solution for venture funds, private equity funds, family offices and allows them to automate the investment management process.

The spread of COVID-19 dramatically altered the app landscape in early 2020. Overall downloads grew rapidly, especially for categories such as Business, Education, and News. According to Sensor Tower Inc. report worldwide app downloads reached 33.6 billion in 1Q20, an increase of 20.3 percent year-over-year. App Store installs grew 25.4 percent to 9.3 billion, while Google Play had 18.4 percent growth to 24.3 billion, all-time highs for both platforms.

The platform was created inside an investment fund with a long track record, and a team that perfectly understands the pain points of professional managers. In a time of constant market turbulence, when the venture market is becoming an increasingly interesting tool for investors from all over the world, it is more important than ever to…

Even the most relationship-driven businesses are not safe from the everlasting march of technology

“In short, software is eating the world.” — Marc Andreessen


Even the most relationship-driven businesses are not safe from the everlasting march of technology. The fund management industry is no exception, and the introduction of new data tools and connections have propelled the industry into a state of upheaval.

In 2025 Global Assets under Management will almost double in size from USD 84.9 trillion in 2016 to USD 145 trillion. In turn, this will propel the global investment management software market to reach USD 5.76 billion by the same year. With legacy players charging several hundred thousand dollars per…

By The Bitfury Group

Today the Bitfury Group announced it has re-assigned computing power from its digital currency transaction processing operations to the Washington University “Folding at Home” project to help fight the novel coronavirus. Folding at Home is a distributed computing project which asks users to donate computing power in service of disease research.

Bitfury’s collection of high-powered GPU-enabled computing nodes have been running COVID-19 calculations since March 20. To date these nodes have completed more than 1,300 calculations for the Folding at Home endeavor to analyze the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), and the company plans to scale-up its contribution…

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Our team reviews thousands of projects each month in search of the best use of the funds entrusted to us by investors. We continue to share our expertise and publish market reviews that appear to be in our focus.

Much has been said about how important data protection is today, especially in relation to the recent events that have overwhelmed us. States, corporations, entrepreneurs, all of us are concerned about building strong protection against online fraud, a trend that has become particularly evident in the rapid transition of the world to the online space. …

AIRR — the new platform for investment business management.

iTech Capital has launched a platform for investment portfolio management and monitoring.

AIRR is a SaaS solution that includes integration with any system that investor may already be using (CRM, accounting, project pipeline management, document management, etc.). It consolidates information from all these systems, or, alternatively, allows managing all these processes within the platform, without using any third-party services.

By The Bitfury Group

Shelter in place. Lockdown. Curfew.
Where I live, these terms are only heard if we have a bad Nor’easter snowstorm headed our way. But with COVID-19, these terms have now entered daily life as we watch this terrible virus sweep across the world. There are now strong international directives urging people to stay home in the hopes of flattening the curve, instructions on how best to wash your hands and how you can help your elderly and immunocompromised neighbors from needing to go out. …

By The Bitfury Group

We are in the middle of one of the largest technological revolutions in history. The growing popularity of the Internet of Things, combined with significant advances in artificial intelligence, will culminate in a wave of digital disruption, changing (and improving) many aspects of our online and offline worlds. But for this future to take hold, the way we design hardware will need to change as well — namely, shifting from the cloud to the edge and from traditional computing designs to AI architectures.

In the article below, the company will summarize the latest trends and changes…

iTech Capital

A global investment manager specialising in the high growth stages of industry-changing, internet-based businesses.

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