iTech STEAM Maker Fair

Make a holiday ornament Saturday, December 10th iTech Preparatory School is hosting a STEAM event at JPCC at 9am till noon.

The maker event will be taking an LED string and choosing how fast, medium or slow they will blink, then embedding into any shape you choose to laser cut. You could prepare some artwork in advance to be laser cut, directions below, or use some of the pre-cut ones that will be provided. Bring a can food donation and in exchange walk out with a custom personalized blinking ornament.

This is an opportunity to learn about 
the Science of electrons emitting photons, 
the Technology of resistors and capacitors, 
the Engineering of circuit design, 
the Arts of assembling lights into an ornament, 
the Math in the duty cycle and frequency of an integrated chip the 555 timer.

All organized into a free event a few hours on a Saturday morning 9am-noon to bring your family to and enjoy the resources of a maker space and guidance of instructors in creating a custom holiday ornament. First 300 will get blinking lights, Please RSVP here or by emailing


Here is a finished example — I would love to get more examples to show but the weather is not cooperating with how I planned out this week.
6 inch designs on the left can embed LEDs, 4 inch designs on the right no lights, but ready for oil dipped painting.

Use vector editing software I recommend Inkscape or Illustrator to modify these files (or create your own design)

For these two files you will need to also install the Pacifico font.
-Star ready for editing
-Bell ready for editing
-Star no lights ready for editing
-Bell no lights ready for editing


  • 6 inches by 6 inches (152mm) by 1/8" thick birch plywood
  • 10 LED 5mm circle holes
  • 1 7mm circle hole for top ribbon
  • Be sure design is a single silhouette without pieces that will fall in to any holes.
  • For laser-cutting set the outline of the design to a stroke of .1

Here is where to submit, or upload your file once finished to have it ready to go to the laser cutter. UPLOAD HERE — Sorry this feature is only available to VanSD Google Logins, Feel free to also email designs as an attachment to

Special thanks to our sponsors for this iTech STEAM Maker Fair