Info. Overloaded.

Everyday, we spend endless hours browsing through our news feeds on social network platforms.

Pick up your phone, open app, scroll, scroll, scroll…

Lets pause for a moment. Have you ever wondered about the type of content that appears on each news feed. Status updates, pictures, jokes, memes, videos, ADVERTS!

How did these appear on MY news feed? Lets step back and re-think. On what basis, is what I see chosen for each news feed? Is it at random? Is it selective? Who does the selection?

Welcome, algorithms.

I find it quite it quirky that an algorithm gets to pick what you view today on YOUR news feed. Over time, algorithms pick up content that you would generally like and push similar content to you on a regular basis.

But, do we have a choice to choose what we want to see eventually? Or have we fallen prey? Do algorithms dictate us? As more and more information is produced everyday, we seem to be losing the ability to control the exact amount as well as WHAT info we see.

What I urge you to do is to challenge what appears on your news feed. Take complete control on what you wish to see. Make changes to ensure what you see, is actually what you like to see and WANT to see.

So, go ahead, check your news feed. I mean, really, CHECK your news feed.

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