How to integrate call recording into a customer service solution?

Record. Review. Reform

Customer service is all about give-and-take relation. Give them all the attention with flawless customer experiences. They will take your business to the new heights! The whole idea of running a profitable business is dependent on how good you are at striking a balance between impeccable products and invincible customer service. Today, we are going to educate our readers about one of the most important aspects of customer service — Call Recording.

What is the need to record customer calls?

The customer support executives or marketing agents represent your brand. They are the ones communicating with the customers on your behalf. That’s why it is necessary to make sure that they propagate every message in a correct manner. Every communication should reflect your business values. It should be conveying a feeling of concern for your customers.

Integrated call recording within customer service solutions boosts CRM and agent productivity by offering following benefits-

Quality monitoring

To give the best to your customers, you need to confirm the best employee performance. Call recording facility enables measuring the effectiveness of every call. A manager can track agent-customer interactions to ensure a consistent outcome.

It can be useful to analyse whether the agents are following company policies. Observe the communication etiquette, linguistic and behavioural ethics while speaking to the customer. Also, it is a signal to the agents that the ‘big brother’ is over them. They tend to be more polite, sympathetic, and friendly in every situation.

Dispute resolution

In essence, call recording is a great cost saviour! A call recording acts as a factual transcript or a proof of what agent promised to the customers to clinch a deal. It saves your organisation from immense legal fees in the case of customer disputes.

Many times, there may arise reasonable or unreasonable issues that may cause harm to your brand. In such scenarios, the recording archives will help you justify your words. It is a handy way to make sure that your company meets all regulatory standards such as FCA, PCI DSS. It also guarantees that your work is compliant with lawsuits.

Effective coaching and training

Call recording solution with the facility to playback is very useful to train the new hires. Pass on your company’s established morals via the successful exemplary interactions.

Hearing the conversations will let you guide the agents about where they need to improve. Guide them on how they can have more effective talks with the customer. Be it a sales call or support services, recording calls allows distinguishing quality. Supervisors can provide assistance, and run a persistent improvement schedule.

Gain business insights

Mining the information from recorded calls brings you closer to accurate future decisions. It saves you from walking into the lion’s den with the right assessment of calls.

Analyse the frequency and duration of calls to determine the quality of agent talks. Set up the parameters and other metrics necessary to weigh the success of your campaigns. The set of call recordings is useful to the product and R&D team to know about the real-life scenario. Based on calculated risks and the actual customer requirements, they can develop products.

Enhance customer service

Call recording service is one of the best tools to fit the bill for excellent customer service. It reveals the tangible customer voice and views. The solution aims to help you learn more about your customers and preferences.

Trace back any missed or forgotten piece of information from the recorded calls. An integrated call recording solution within the comprehensive customer service software guarantees quick and to-the-point interactions. Make your agents efficient enough to serve the customers better with personalised experiences.

How can you incorporate call recording with customer service solutions?

Native solutions are available as a service to facilitate call and communication recording. There is no need to spend on specialised hardware or incur any capital expenditure. Call recording service is integrated within your customer service solution to capture all interactions and store them securely.

Traditionally these advanced solutions were in use by the big budget companies. But, modern technologies have made it possible for the SMEs to leverage call recording and customer service solutions. With the advent of cloud services, it has become easier to get off the ground.

Agents can make use of the recording features while answering customer calls. These recordings are available and stored in the database. You can playback, send over emails, and evaluate for future references. With minimal manual efforts, plug the call recording services into the support software application interface. Customise the platform to record calls and capture user information.

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