Mobile Field Service Infographics

Smartphone and tablet revolution is the driving force behind the cloud makeover to the field service industry. As the major benefits of cost savings and increase in productivity are realised using the software as a service (SaaS) approach, it won’t come as a surprise if 100% of industry shifts to the cloud technology for mobile field service.

Mobility for the field workforce enables them to receive their work-orders, carry out their tasks, get their schedule, communicate with other workers, coordinate with back-office, request for parts, raise safety alarms & generate complete reports of their day. This “App” culture for mobile field service management is dragging every organisation & enterprise into it; irrespective of their size & base.

Moreover, meeting challenges thrown from customer’s end & workforce performance, maintaining a reputation amidst competitors and sustenance in the longer run requires the use of innovative technology and practices. Cloud-based solutions not only aid in managing the workers but also have a significant impact on by and large working & outcome.

To entail the whole process & its subsequent advantages, here’s an infographic to illustrate the impact of Mobility in Field Service Management:

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